Brand Story
Aquasana's water philosophy

Intuition has always come from love, and love allows us to become wiser; a philosophy upon which the Aquasana brand was built. In 1997, founder Charles Strand discovered that his infant son’s respiratory ailments could be traced to chlorine in the household water. To help ease his son’s condition and in the pursuit of better scientific understanding, Strand started research into chlorine and eventually found the most effective filtration method – a humble charcoal filter mechanism. Strand then began his mission of sharing the fruit of his research with other families who experience the same sensitivity to water-borne contaminants as his son did, and furthering his research into water filtration.

Water Experts Leading Your Way to a Healthy Life

An American water experts brand under Sun Water Inc., Aquasana was founded in 1997, holds 26 patents worldwide and its products are certified by NSF. and the Aquasana line of products represent the most effective and value-added products available for a variety of markets globally. Aquasana is Latin for “Water to heal”, aligning product design with this concept. Whether it is modified to better suit market needs or further improve its purification effects, Aquasana has adapted itself to suit the requirements of different regions worldwide. Years of research and development results in transcendent filtration performance, with a broad spectrum of products to suit diverse needs. After 20 years of consistent quality, Aquasana has won the trust of both households and enterprises, to become the leader in the American water filtration systems industry. On 14th January 2013, Aquasana officially announced its name in China and trademark as 「A Ke Sa Na」. “A Ke Sa Na” is the only Aquasana designated trademark in China. Please note that other brands in the China market such as 「A Kua Sha Na」,「A Ku Sheng Na」, etc. are not authorized trademarks of Aquasana. In September 2016, Aquasana was acquired by A. O. Smith Corporation, a global leader in water treatment technologies.

Introduction to the Leadership Team
Todd Bartee – Aquasana CEO

Todd holds an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and is a trained environmental engineer. Since joining Aquasana in 2010, Todd has been leading the company’s charge to educate consumers on water wellness, including the health and environmental importance of drinking, showering, and cooking with filtered water.


Opens business with the AQ-4100 shower filter as the cornerstone product


Announces the AQ-4000 Countertop Water filter with certified 97% chlorine removal


EQ-300 Rhin whole home filter allowing customers to have filtered water from every tap in their home


AQ-4100 Shower Filter recognized by Consumers’ Digest as a Best Buy™


Expands operations into a 50,000sq’ manufacturing and distribution facility in Fort Worth, Texas.


Develops the line of Aquasana Glass Water bottles. Now the topselling glass water bottle on the Internet


Updates the AQ-4000 product line with new finishes and premium components

2010 & 11

AQ-4000 Countertop Filter recognized by Consumer Reports as a Best Buy™ and in 2010 recognized by Health Magazine as one of the seven healthiest new products for your home


AQ-4000 Countertop Water Filter recognized by Rodale as one of the best new products at the National Products Tradeshow


Completes joint study with the University of Texas regarding the most effective way to filter Chloramines. Uses findings in next generation Claryum filtration


Opens distribution in Latin America


Announces the Powered Water Filtration System (PWFS). Professional grade water filtration for the home with no plumbing required


Enhances Claryum filtration technology by adding NSFcertified pharmaceutical removal


Doubles the value of the Rhino whole home filter line by announcing the EQ-600 and improving NSF-certified performance from 300,000 gallons to 600,000 gallons


Launches SimplySoft - a line of eco-friendly, low-maintenance, salt-free softeners.


Announces a revolutionary filtered water bottle that will bring unequalled performance and usability to the consumer


Recognized by Hong Kong government and supplied water filters to over 20,000 households affected by the Lead in Drinking Water Incidents


Acquired by A. O. Smith Corporation, a global leader in water treatment technologies