Why is Aquasana a globally trusted brand?

American brand Aquasana is a leading expert in water filtration, with 26 global patents, a full range of water treatment products, and certifications worldwide including 42/53/401/P473, the highest certification by the National Sanitation Foundation. Additionally, the Aquasana water filtration product line has won many awards including the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Product Line Strategy Leadership.

What should I look out for when selecting a water filter to filter out lead from drinking water?

In addition to choosing a water filter that is designed to filter lead, choose one that has a NSF 53 certificate, such as those by Aquasana, to effectively filter lead from your drinking water. Products that are only certified for NSF 42 certificate cannot be guaranteed to remove lead effectively, so further care is needed.

Is compliance with NSF standards the same as being NSF-certified?

No. To be NSF 53 certified, a water filter must undergo stringent performance tests. Where products may claim to be NSF 53 certified but do not hold a valid certificate issued by the NSF, credibility is questionable and caution should be used.

How can I know if a water filtration product has in fact obtained NSF certification?

To check if the certificate of a water filter product is authentic, you may visit the official NSF website (www.nsf.org) and enter the product's brand name to know immediately if the product has any valid NSF certifications or are NSF-accredited, bearing in mind that NSF 53 is the certification to look out for in water filtration products designed to filter out lead.

Different brands of water filtration products are also NSF 53 certified, does that mean that they perform as efficiently?

Not exactly - to obtain their NSF 53 certification, some water filers undergo tests specifically designed for lead while others undergo tests specifically for volatile organic compounds (VOC). Aquasana water filters undergo a total of 57 different test items under NSF53 to ensure that unlike products by other brands, they can also effectively remove turbidity, active cysts and methyl tert-butyl, etc.

Why does the water turn greyish the first time I use a filter?

The water is colored greyish by the activated carbon. While not harmful to the health, we recommend running the water until it is no longer grey before usage.



Why are there some white particles floating in my filtered water after boiling?

While Aquasana filters contaminants, it also retains naturally occurring beneficial minerals. After boiling, these minerals may present themselves in the form of white particles. If you wish to keep these beneficial minerals while preventing scale deposits, the AQ-5300A Under Counter Water Filter, which is compatible with a pre-filter is recommended.


TDS升高或保持不變是由於過濾後的水中攜帶有一些碳末,這些碳末對人體無害,事實上,在醫療上碳用來治療中毒患者。大多以活性碳為過濾原理的淨水器都有類似情形。 Aquasana 淨水器濾芯經過NSF按照NSF 42標準測試,證實對人體是安全的,因此不必擔心過濾後水質,可以放心飲用。

Can Aquasana filters be used with hot water?

Aquasana filters work best between 4.4℃ – 32.2℃, and while hot water will not affect the service life of the filter, it will affect the effectiveness of the filter. Therefore, filtering the water before heating it is recommended.

Can Aquasana filtration systems be used for groundwater?

Yes. However, as Aquasana was designed for usage with running water, sediment in groundwater may clog the filter. When setting up for usage with groundwater, installing a PP Pre-filter is recommended to increase the service life of the filter.

There is a leak when I turn off the tap or switch to running water, is my filter faulty?

No. This is actually a normal occurrence – when switching off the tap or switching to running water, the air pressure inside the the filter cartridge will cause a mild leak until the air pressure returns to a normal atmospheric level; the leakage helps prevent a water hammer effect and does not mean your filter is faulty. Please use with ease of mind.

After the filter absorbs contaminants from the water, will there be any reverse processes resulting in a recontamination of the water?

No, even if the filter has reached its capacity, the contaminants will not be released into the already filtered water.

How long can I keep the filtered water?

The water is best used on the same day it was filtered, consumption within 48 hours is ideal.

My filter cartridge has passed the duration recommended for replacing but the water flow has not been affected, do I still need to replace the filter cartridge?

Filter cartridges that have passed the recommended service duration cannot be guaranteed to perform effectively to the standards required by NSF. In order to keep your filter in optimal working order, it is recommended to change the filter cartridge once every 6 months.

What can I do if I don’t need to use the water filter for a duration of time?

You can take out the filter cartridge and store it in a clean and dry bag in your freezer. When you would like to use it again, you can install it using the same method as installing a new cartridge, and run the water through the filter for 10 minutes (For Power Filtration System, flush the system for one full cycle). Filter cartridges that have not been opened yet should be stored in a cool and dry environment, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

How can I make sure that my filter is functioning at its most optimal?

Filters should operate at the specified temperature range as exceeding the temperature range could adversely affect the filter cartridge's performance. As the service life of the filter is limited, please replace the filter regularly to ensure continued optimal performance.