Countertop Water Filtration System

Innovative “1+2” mode, a pioneering concept in water treatment

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Product Introduction
NSF certified, effectively filters 68 contaminants while retaining naturally occurring beneficial minerals

Aquasana Countertop Water Filtration Systems use an innovative “1+2” filtration mode which features a pre-filter and a two-stage filter, powerfully filtering 68 contaminants effectively for approximately 1700 liters of drinking water. With a large capacity and rapid filtration process, save time and hassle, enjoy healthier water with ease and prevent ailments to the cardiovascular, nervous and renal system caused by drinking contaminated water.

Product Features
Removed contaminants
Product Specification
Certifications and Awards
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Purchase includes:
  1. AQ-4000-DVPI water filter (1 system)
  2. Claryum filter cartridge (1 set of 2-stage filter)
  3. Pre-filter cartridge (1 pack of 6, replacement is recommended every 2 months or as needed)
  4. Pre-filter cartridge box, diverter valve and hose assembly

Important: Before starting installation, please ensure that all parts shown are available. If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to operate the water filtration system. Do not attempt to replace the original parts with parts from other manufacturers (except faucet) as this may not only cause product performance degradation, system damage or failure, but will also void your warranty.

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