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Product Introduction
Removes chlorine, chloramines, synthetic chemicals and contaminants, effectively antimicrobial, improves air quality

Aquasana premium shower filter uses a patented two-stage, dual media filter comprising of copper/zinc media and coconut shell carbon to remove over 90% of chlorine, chloramines, synthetic contaminants while being effectively antimicrobial and improving your air quality and enhancing the water pH balance for the healthiest shower experience. The up-flow of water can better maintain a stable pressure and increase the contact time with the water filter.

Product Features
For health and for beauty
Filter Cartridge Working Principle
Product Specification
Certifications and Awards
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Purchase includes:
  1. Premium Shower Filters
  2. Shower head
  3. V-shaped tube

*Installation service is available upon request. The basic installation service fee is HK$100. (Only applicable to Hong Kong)

Important: Before starting installation, please ensure that all parts shown are available. If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to operate the water filtration system. Do not attempt to replace the original parts with parts from other manufacturers (except faucet) as this may not only cause product performance degradation, system damage or failure, but will also void your warranty.

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